This too
    shall pass

    We don't ask, we’ve been there. An empty wallet and a head full of questions, dry mouth and watery eyes, racing thoughts, and world just won't stop spinning. We can’t recover the drunk texts nor the lost illusions, but the lost vitamins and minerals we can!

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            After party
            The morning after
            Sip after sip

            You probably miss some things after a night out. Maybe memories, or even shoes, but mostly vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, sugars, salt and water that have vanished, were danced or shouted away.

            After replenishes the necessary substances your body needs to have a better grasp of last night. Grape sugar for energy, vitamins and minerals for mind and body at ease, and antioxidants for damage control. A water with electrolytes and a lemon flavor to quench your thirst.

            How does it work?

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                        You can get After on your way back from a party, on your way to work or at your favourite brunch place. It is distributed in these bars, cafés, hotels and e-shops:


                        Coffee Corner Bakery, Korunní 96, Vinohrady, Praha 10

                        Vnitroblock, Tusarova 31, Praha 7

                        Kavárna co hledá jméno, Stroupežnického 10, Praha 5

                        Bistro Proti Proudu, Březinova 22, Praha 8 – Karlín

                        Národní 38, Národní 38, Praha 1

                        Pilot Cafe, Ovenecká 17, Praha 7, Letná

                        PokeHaus Letná, M. Horákové 386/63, Praha 7-Letná

                        Miska Ramen, Španělská 2, 120 00, Praha 2-Vinohrady

                        Terasa, OC Nový Smíchov, Plzeňská 8, Praha 5

                        Never Enough, nám. J. z Poděbrad 18, Praha 3

                        Traffik Coffee & Sandwich, Petrská 1179/7, 110 00, Nové Město

                        Human Company, Přívozní 1, Holešovice, Praha 7

                        Lékárna by City Roasters, T. G. Masaryka 47, Karlovy Vary

                        City Roasters, Sokolovská 115, Karlovy Vary

                        Beer Knír, V Olšinách 29, 100 00 Praha 10

                        Eggo Food Truck, Zelný trh 14, Brno-střed

                        Kabinet Múz, Sukova 4, 602 00, Brno

                        Rebelbean, Přízova 5, 602 00, Brno-střed

                        Kafö, Potoky 5145, 760 01, Zlín

                        Trouble Cafe, Palackého 17, 779 00 Olomouc

                        Pedro’s Foodtruck, Zámecké nám., 691 44, Lednice

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